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As a small non-profit, we struggled to maintain a professional web presence that would showcase our services and also inform our visitors. We needed a site that was organized, professional and easy to access. We also needed to stop paying premium fees for poor customer service. Deborah Newman/Petite Taway Inc offered us full-service and personalized care with quick responses. We got more than just a website. Not only did we receive advice and guidance on utilizing social networks to broadcast our message, but also marketing strategies, logo and image design. We received and continue to receive the best of service! .... Sabrina L Williams, Director, home&community, inc

logos, brochures, cards

Brand is the "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers."
Proper branding can result in higher sales of not only one product, but on other products associated with that brand. Brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company (name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or combination of them) and how it relates to key constituencies: customers, staff, partners, etc.

marketing material for artists

In order for a business to have an effective marketing strategy, all the elements must be in place to convey the brand message: a logo, business cards, brochures and a website which display all the elements of the marketing strategy. Let Petite Taway Inc help you make your vision a reality. Call us or email us today to see how we can help you.

Case Example: The Junior Guild of the American Cathedral, a Paris, France nonprofit, needed a program created that not only showcased the beauty of their donated items but also highlighted the organization. After discussions with the Guild, Petite Taway Inc., created a program for the auction, that became a keepsake. The 32 page program was printed with a hardcover for all of the attendees. To view the complete program, click here.

social network strategies

The world wide web is ever expanding and so are the tools to get your company out on a more global scale. We are constantly researching and learning the newest techniques in promotion and marketing to help our clients visibility. We are not only learning but are also teaching our clients how to maintain their own marketing campaigns, to help them become part of their own success story. Below are some of the services we offer our customers:

E-Mail Marketing - we help you build an effective email campaign and show you the tools to do it with.

Search Engine Optimization - we build custom websites or redesign existing websites and implement the appropriate code to ensure your site's rankings are high in search engines. You can spend alot of money on a pretty site but if clients cannot find your business while searching the web, it is money ill spent.

Social Network Campaigns - we strategize with our client's to choose the best social networks to utilize to get your branding message out there. We also teach our clients to maintain these campaigns and develop long term plans for future growth.

Site Submission - we submit our clients websites and information to leading online directories geared towards their products or services. We research every single site to make sure that submissions are relevant.

"Deborah is a dedicated professional who works very hard to ensure that her clients work ensures their success. She keeps very close track of how her clients are doing and will meet any time to help support them. I plan to work with Deborah for many years to come as my business grows and prospers."... Liz Huggins, Life Coach