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The Indigenous Experience NW 2013, which was held at the Scottish Rite Center, 709 Southwest 15th Avenue, aimed to bring Native culture and traditions to the masses to foster appreciation for Native art in a city where, organizers say, it is underrepresented. The event's theme is "The Medicine Within."
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The Artist
TJ Jones-Ravenwolf (Dyen Datson’ ye ye Teekkona) grew up in Anchorage, a times in Fairbanks and Koyukuk, a Native village in the interior of Alaska with no phones, power or running water. TJ grew up in a traditional subsistence lifestyle, in fish camps in the summers, gathering traditional foods/medicines through the warm seasons, hunting in the fall and with dog sledding on traplines in the winters.

TJ was raised by extended family and the village. These experiences ingrained a deep spiritual awareness and connection with creation which inspires TJ to this day. Having learned to sew, cook, bead, knit and carve wood at a very young age, molded a creative spirit and a perspective of the sacred.

Today, being self-taught, working on multi-media experimental journey 3-D paintings using natural pigments, berry stains, sands, clays, ash, and leather that express traditional and cultural stories & spiritual beings are captured into a living body of work.
The Storytellers
A Native American with Shoshone-Bannock-Nez Perce tribal affiliation, acclaimed poet, performer, traditional storyteller and lecturer on Northwest tribal culture, Ed is also a consultant to the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, and a recipient of a national Endowment for the Arts grant. Ed Edmo conducts writing workshops, storytelling performances, and informational lectures.

Ed narrated the production "Children of the Raven" for the Eugene Ballet Company. He's performed his play, "Grandma Coke Cherry" at a number of places including Fishtrap in Wallowa, Oregon, and at the Newberry Library in Chicago, among many other places.

Esther Stutzman is Coos and Komemma Kalapuya and is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz. She is a storyteller and history keeper. She tells only Coos and Kalapuya stories. Her grandmother told her that it was bad luck to tell other people or other tribes' stories. Stories are regarded as private property, as are songs. She has thirteen stories she shares with the public. Some of her creation stories tell of the time when animals and people could talk together.
The Speakers

Lillian Pitt is a Native American artist from the Big River (Columbia River) region of the Pacific Northwest. Born on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon, she is a descendent of Wasco, Yakama, and Warm Springs people. She is one of the most highly regarded Native American artists in the Pacific Northwest. Her works have been exhibited and reviewed regionally, nationally and internationally, and she has been the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions.

Primarily a sculptor and mixed media artist, Lillian’s lifetime of works include artistic expressions in clay, bronze, wearable art, prints, and most recently, glass. The focus of her work draws on over 12,000 years of Native American history and tradition of the Columbia River region.

Philip Archambault, 74, was born Hunkpapa Lakota and raised on the reservation that spans the North and South Dakota border. Philip Archambault, traditional cultural director for NARA, leads residents in group therapy. Archambault, sober for four decades, lived though a period when government policies tried to separate him from his culture.

"You need to know where your anger comes from to get beyond it", he tells residents. "Culture is about learning about yourself as a human being and what you value," says Archambault as he leads about 20 men and women at NARA's alcohol and drug program.

Rick Bartow
A wide range of cultural experiences inspire Rick Bartow's drawings, paintings, sculpture, and prints. Native American transformation myths are the heart of much of his work. Bartow lives and works on the Oregon coast, where he observes hawk, raven and eagle—the subjects that populate his artwork. Rick is a member of the Wiyot tribe from Northwestern California.

Bartow is a professional artist, with solo exhibitions at museums, universities, and galleries around the globe and the USA.

Ed Archie Noisecat
NoiseCat draws on the stories of his ancestors to create innovative images executed with extraordinary craftsmanship. He took the top prize at Portland’s first annual Indian Art Northwest market with a freestanding, six-foot square carved cedar screen. He won a major Midwest public art commission with a four-foot high portrait mask honoring Little Crow, one of the region’s great chiefs. He also works on a smaller scale, carving masks, rattles, panels, puppets, and more. Many pieces incorporate transformational elements. He recently introduced two new lines of work: sculptural jewelry in silver, gold and semi-precious stones; and art furniture that joins the structural forms of the Northwest longhouse with traditional Japanese woodworking techniques.
The Performers

Keith Secola is an icon and ambassador of Native music. He is one of the most influential artists in the field today. Rising from the grassroots of North America, he is a songwriter of the people.

Critics have dubbed him as the Native versions of both Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. NDN Kars (Indian cars), his most popular song is considered the contemporary Native American anthem, achieving legendary status and earning him a well deserved cult following.

Cody Blackbird is one of Indian Country's fastest rising stars. From the tundra of Alaska to the Seminole land of Florida all the way down under to the Outback of Australia Cody has spread his beautiful award winning music and his message of unity.

Cody tours on a full time basis not only performing but also working closely with Youth on Drug and alcohol awareness and suicide prevention as well as the importance of returning to the traditional ways and values of indigenous peoples.

Swil Kanim, a classically trained violinist, native storyteller and actor, is a member of the Lummi Tribe. He was born on November 11, 1961 in Seattle, Washington and grew up in the Bellingham, Washington area.Swil Kanim's desire to be of greater service to communities needed the support of a team.

In the summer of 2009, a nonprofit corporation was set up, initially named The Swil Kanim Foundation. Over the next few months, a strong board of directors was appointed, and work began on identifying funding sources. In December 2011, the organization's name was changed to HONORWORKS in order to more closely reflect the purpose and goals of the organization. Swil acted as MC for this Event.
Bigg B - Rapper/Radio DJ
Surviving the struggles of poverty, financial hardships, and mischief, Hip-hop artist Bigg B has become known as a successful hip-hop artist, radio personality, and enthusiast. Born on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Oregon, B is one of only handfuls that have found his niche and dream in the music business.
Rapper/Producer/Graphic Designer
Nate first started producing music at the age of 16-17 with the Rezhogs in 2001. After the first Rezhog album released in 2003, Nate officially became the producer of the Rezhogs and went on to record/produce and rap on 10 additional albums that were released under the independently owned label; Rezhog Records. N8 continued his music career by teaming up with Bigg B of Sacred Ground Entertainment to make their new album "Double Feature".
The Brian Harrison Trio (B.H.T.) was hand picked and formed by Brian calling upon his friends from the community that he felt can deliver the goods with style and professionalism required. It is an honor to have these regional/local hero's on board to hold up the entertainment part of this experience. We are looking forwards to B.H.T. bringin' on their MEDICINE and Rock'n the House with all of the performers for this years event.