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deborah newman
Native American Artists have traditionally had a very difficult time breaking into the mainstream art market. Visiting the area in 2013, to meet with an artist that Petite Taway Inc was working with, TJ Ravenwolf, the idea of putting together an art show that showcased not only TJ but other unknown native artists was conceived. Incorporating these ideas:
  • How to introduce, honor, and celebrate native art and culture to a new audience in the Portland area?
  • How to introduce emerging artist into the art market which has a huge disparity in native presence & representaton?
  • With this event how could we include, involve, and give back to the community?

Thus the birth of "Indigenous Experience NW " was born. The first event took place on May 30th, 2013 and was a collaboration between: artists, musical performers, speakers, traditional storytellers, and exhibitors that would encourage the general public to interact and learn about local native culture.

At the conclusion of this successful event, several interested individuals asked Petite Taway Inc to sponsor the next annual event. Presently Petite Taway Inc is in the process of researching the possiblity of doing another event if interest is still strong within the community. Stay tuned for updates!

The Staff
drea robideau Andrea Robideau, NW Coast Facilitator
Andrea Robideau currently serves as the Native American Outreach Specialist for Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest. She serves on several volunteer Boards and Committees to improve the quality of life for Native American and low-income families -especially for Native Youth.

She is a daughter, a sister, a niece, a granddaughter, an auntie, a cousin, a mentor and a friend - as well as . . . an artist, a singer, an activist, and a cape-wearing-super-hero [aka "Big Sister"].

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon - the Pacific Northwest region is where Andrea calls home. Given any opportunity, Andrea loves to travel - especially to visit family and friends and participate in social gatherings and cultural ceremonies.

Andrea became part of the Indigenous Experience NW 2013 [Planning Committee] to see the project grow and succeed. Whether it was staying up late, typing up forms and helping the primary artist to fashion and form the program and materials . . . or simply laughing and socializing [developing the event/focus] . . . Andrea has been 100% on-board from the first pitch of the idea for this event. She has now become an integral part of our next event.