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Deborah Newman

Petite Taway, Inc. is the brainchild of Deborah Newman! That's right, brainchild! After graduating with a BA in the Study of the Americas from George Mason University, Deborah planned on working with the indigenous and art community.

Life happened, she got married, moved to Maine and opened a technology company, MaineBytes, with her husband Robert. She became a mother while running a very successful business, creating websites and marketing plans for new or existing companies and nonprofits but always wanted to continue working with artists.


Deborah became involved with small business organizations learning from the ground up what made companies succeed in the marketplace. She was president of a local small business organization in her hometown and was a founding member of a nonprofit geared towards helping women open businesses.

While living in Maine, Deborah continued to work with new artists, helping them pursue their goals by helping creating websites, business materials and brand identity. In 2012, her beloved husband died unexpectedly, leaving her to make some major life decisions, not just for her, but for her little seven year old daughter.

Deborah decided to make her dream a reality, and in 2013 created a company that would encompass all of her ideas, Petite Taway Inc. The company would meld her technology skills with her academic accomplishments. The company would be geared towards helping indigenous artists, artisans and small businesses, showcase their skills and services, using technology and the latest networking techniques to help them succeed in their business venture.

She put together a team of professionals to assist her in this venture, thus creating a dynamic company focused on SUCCESS! So stay tuned for updates on her newest projects and artists!

Deborah Newman not only sits on the Board of Three Amazing Nonprofits, she has designed the websites and the marketing materials.


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Animal Kind International

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The Traveling Guitar Foundation


A Tribute to Robert Newman: August 4, 1964-January 12, 2012
Robert Newman was the founder of Maine Bytes Computer Repair and Web Design services along with his wife Deborah. Robert moved to Maine to pursue his dream of opening his own company where he would be free of the restrictions of corporate America, and offer the IT services he believed was lacking.

Robert Newman

Robert came from an IT background, working as a contractor for large government and corporate companies, after leaving the US NAVY. In 2003, newly married, he packed up his belongings and family and moved to Bucksport, Maine. He worked customer by customer to build his business.

With his wife, they created a company where good service, some laughter and affordable prices became the selling point of Maine Bytes.

I would like to dedicate this page to all the dreamers who want to pursue their own business and live a life of simplicity and less stress. Maine was the perfect spot for Robert and his family and I was so blesssed to be a part of it.

I love you Rob, and miss you every single day, but I promise to make my dream a reality and make sure that I live up to my full potential! ......Deborah Newman

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